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Surprise, it’s my cock, now open up your mouth and start sucking, otherwise no money for you!

All they wanted was to earn some extra cash, but in the end, they received no money, just a big load of cum..

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We’ve got ourselves two more super cute asian girls today and we’ve persuaded them to play our fucked up xxx kobe surprise board game for all of you , hahah.. You aren’t gonna believe some of the stuff we got them to do! It never ceases to amaze me what chicks will do for money. These babes had no clue what they were in for when they arrived at the warehouse.. Donkey rides, yeah that’s right: Vibrators, monster massage poles. Oh, and of course there is always the chance of some good old fashioned fucking.. The great thing is, the ladies get to choose their own fate, well sort of.. They get to roll the dice and then it’s all up to fate, and usually fate is on our side ;)

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My buddy G always had a thing for Asian Sex Videos. The thrill of the exotic would get his blood boiling, anytime a good porno depicting a celestial babe in a Asian XXX sex movies scene was on or was found from a free sex movies search online he would go nuts. So when we took a weekend trip to Vegas and scored a big win upon our arrival I knew what to do that night. Mrs. Chao’s was renowned for its selection of sushi… and hot Asian waitresses who, for the right price, would take you to the back room and morph from celestial sex bride to celestial porn whore. Min Li, led him up and to the back, got down on her knees as she pressed him against the wall and sucked him off like a Porno Queen. As his cock swelled about to blow, she pulled her head back and eagerly let his cum cover her delicate face. He came back and finished his Sushi with a giddy grin.

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Today we picked up  a cutie on her way to work.. We told her we had a game for her to play and she could win some money.  We gave her a few bucks up front as incentive.  She must have needed the extra cash because she agreed to come with us to the studio.  At first she was very shy, but we managed to calm her down and get her into a bikni.  We explained the game and she played along.  Unfortunately for her she didn’t do very well and one of the guys from the crew got to fuck her for her punishment.   Oh well, you win some, you lose some..


As usual, click the pic to watch the video ;)

We’re back again with another episode of Kobe Surprise’s Tokyo Bang Bus (Asian style, baby!).  This time we found a hottie named Rumi from Yokohama.  As with most of our passengers, this girl was in need of some extra deniro, so we offered her a few bucks in exchange for her company.  She wouldn’t let us fuck her, but we got handjobs, and played with her hairy beaver.  Ryu decided to cum all over her tits since she wouldn’t let him fuck her, haha.. That’s it for now, stay tuned for our next episode!


Kobe Surprise Is The Tokyo Bang Bus

Hahaha.. Check out the body language, they couldn’t be anymore turned off, lmao..  Good thing the guy has money or they’d be jumping out the door right about now.  In this episode we play with Emi and and Mari, and when I say play with, I mean they suck my man’s cock and eat is cum, like good little sluts.


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No, I ain’t talking about the dead Wutang dude lol.. I’m talking about some old perv with a nasty cock. He’s old and horny and sick of not getting any pussy.. So he decides to hit the streets and grabs himself a tight little asian hottie. Don’t want to bore you to death, so I’ll get to the point: He pays her and she jerks him off till he spurts his cum all over her hands.


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My bro was talkin to me about how he always wanted to nail some chick in one of those zorro type masks, like he was some xxx superhero or some shit lol.  So me being such a damn good friend, I decided to help him fulfill his fantasy, so long as he allowed me to video tape ;) So we hit the streets and soon found this hottie who was a little strapped for cash.  We presented our offer and she happily accepted.  I guess we lucked out and she was not only broke but really fucking horny too.  Just another day in the life of the masked fucking avengers, lol…

I’ve got another hot episode on the bus with amateur Japanese hotties Mari and Ayu. These chicks were not so easy to loosen up, they played kinda hard to get but the more cash we threw at ‘em the more comfortable they got, heh. Ryu couldn’t blow his load with a bj from Ayu alone, so sexy Mari had to take a turn, and before you knew it, he was blowing his load right in her mouth. See the video below!

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